Wildlife Research & Consulting Services, LLC offers a wide range of wildlife related services. From simple inventories to in depth site planning and environmental review. No job is too small! Feel free to contact us today with your wildlife or research related inquires.

Why choose Wildlife Research & Consulting Services?

Experience working with:

  1.   State Agencies

  2.   Universities

  3.   Private companies

  4.   Individuals



  1.   Species inventories   

  2.   Wildlife crossing signage design

  3.   Environmental Review / Mitigation

  4.   Project Consulting

  5.   Habitat management advice

  6.   Capture & handing technique training

  7.   Data Management


  1.   Minnesota

  2.   Western Wisconsin

  3.   North Dakota

  4.   South Dakota

Eastern Hognose Snake: Heterodon platirhinos

Pine County, Minnesota

Western Rat Snake: Pantherophis obsoletus

Houston County, Minnesota

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